Are you a dreamer?

Jam: Air Surgeon - Jem


Jam: Surkin - Next of Kin (Todd Edwards remix)

My library was on shuffle today and this came on; yet another incredible song that I have forgotten about.

Get your dance on!

Jam: Friendly Fires with Azari & III - Stay Here

New Friendly Fires! I’m so excited for this. It does not disappoint.

Jam: Small Black - Photojournalist (Star Slinger remix)

Crazy ass new remix by Star Slinger. This is ridiculously good.

Get it here, at his bandcamp.

Jam: Toro y Moi - 109

Although Causers of This is a great album (Lissoms being probably my favorite by him), lately I’ve been listening to his demos non-stop. I’m starting to think that his demos are soooo much better. His album, to me, sounds a bit over-produced whereas the demos are so much more raw. Plus, on his demos you have all of his hit songs from Causers (Talamak, Blessa, Freak Love, etc). On top of that you get to see a whole different side of Chaz; feel-good surf-rock to bright up your day.

Jam: The Field - Over the Ice

Been digging minimal all day, because I’m in a terrible fucking mood. I forgot how stellar of an album From Here We Go To Sublime is. Over the Ice is incredibly hypnotic. I love minimal such as this that is so simplistic yet so catchy and addicting at the same time.

Jam: Foals - This Orient (Starkey remix)

Been digging a lot of Foals lately. I used to listen to Antidotes religiously. The new album, on the other hand, I sort of neglected to listen to because I wasn’t too fond of the single. Last week, however, I heard Total Life Forever on Sirius XMU and fell in love with it. Afterwards I ended up listening to the full album, and although it is nowhere near the same as their previous release, it’s still pretty damn good.

This is a pretty delicious remix by Starkey of another sweet tune on the album.

Jam: Yes Giantess - Tuff n’ Stuff (TopNude remix)

Oh my god, I am hooked. This is brilliant. The sad part is, I can’t find anything else from him. There’s only one other song on his myspace and absolutely no information on the interwebs.

Jam: The Count and Sinden - After Dark (Extended Mix)

Holy shit. I can’t stop listening to this. It’s so incredibly catchy and danceable.

Jam: Underworld - Ring Road (Fake Blood remix)

I almost forgot about Fake Blood. Good thing I heard this on an old mix of mine that I was listening to. This man is a genius.